Sunday, 19 February 2012

In My Mailbox and Mailbox Mondays #4

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This week I just got three new books.

The first book I received this week was Stately Pursuits by Katie Fforde. This was given to me by my Mum who was having a bit of clear out. I have never read a book by Katie Fforde, but a lot of my reading friends like her and have read quite a few of her books.
Here is the synopsis from
Hetty Longden’s mother thinks that looking after Great Uncle Samuel’s crumbling stately country home will be just the thing for Hetty’s broken heart. But if Hetty expected to be miserable in private, she is in for a rude awakening in a village that revolves around the Big House, and Hetty finds herself with very little time to wallow.   

My second book this week was also given to me by my Mum. Life Begins by Amanda Brookfield. I have read two books by Amanda Brookfield a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them.
Here is the blurb from the back cover.

If life Begins at forty, Charlotte Turner's not off to the best of starts. On top of a recent divorce, a failed attempt to move house and trouble with her twelve-year-old son, the husband of her closest friend has just started to show rather too much interest in her as a newly single woman.

No longer able to blame everything on a floundering marriage, Charlotte is forced to open her eyes and embark on an emotional journey into her past. Only when she has faced some challenging and revealing truths can she finally shed the unhappy skin she's become so used to, and open up her life - and her heart - to all the promise and possibility that her future holds.

The third and final book this week is The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. I got this half price at the local bookstore. I have seen it mentioned on various blogs and thought I would give it a go. Here is the synopsis from

Then she opened her mouth to scream—and recognized me. It was what I’d been waiting for. She froze. She looked into my eyes. She said, “It’s you.”
Meet Jake. A bit on the elderly side (he turns 201 in March), but you’d never suspect it. Nonstop sex and exercise will do that for you—and a diet with lots of animal protein. Jake is a werewolf, and after the unfortunate and violent death of his one contemporary, he is now the last of his species. Although he is physically healthy, Jake is deeply distraught and lonely.

Jake’s depression has carried him to the point where he is actually contemplating suicide—even if it means terminating a legend thousands of years old. It would seem to be easy enough for him to end everything. But for very different reasons there are two dangerous groups pursuing him who will stop at nothing to keep him alive.

Here is a powerful, definitive new version of the werewolf legend—mesmerising and incredibly sexy. In Jake, Glen Duncan has given us a werewolf for the twenty-first century—a man whose deeds can only be described as monstrous but who is in some magical way deeply human. 

One of the most original, audacious, and terrifying novels in years.


  1. All of your books look terrific, but I especially like the sounds of Life Begins.

  2. Last Werewolf sounds good. Happy reading

  3. The Last Werewolf sounds awesome! Nice IMM


  4. These all sound good...especially the first two. I haven't read Katie Fforde, either, but I've seen some positive reviews. I like the look and sound of this one. Enjoy!


  5. All three of your new books sound like they will be enjoyable reads.

  6. I hope you enjoy all the books you got in this week! :)

    If you'd like you can check out the awesome books I got in my mailbox this week, just click the link below! ;)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  7. All new to me! enjoy them all.

  8. Awesome haul! The Last Werewolf looks good.

  9. The only title I'm familiar with is The Last Werewolf. Stately Pursuits looks adorable.

  10. Enjoy your new books! Those look good to me...
    Here is my post!

  11. These are all new to me titles. The first book looks like a cute read! I hope you enjoy them all!

    1. They sound like a good mix, enjoy!

  12. I've read a couple of Katie Fforde's books and thought they were fun reads. Enjoy your nebooks!

  13. I heard a LOT of good things about The Last Werewolf.